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Delhi’s very own CanSupport’s Walk For Life on 3 Feb witnessed more than 10,000 people walking at Rajpath in celebration of life beyond cancer, saluting the ones fighting it, honouring the departed souls lost to cancer.

The overwhelming response continuously for the 6th time, from people of all strata of the society for WFL proves that Delhi cares for the ones battling cancer and therefore shared the common platform to celebrate human spirit that says –‘Never Give Up.’

CanSupport's Walk for Life 2014 - Stride or run against cancer on Sunday February 2, 2014 at 9 a.m., and experience the excitement of walking and running together for a common cause.

Walk For life 2013 - Words of inspiration…

1. “I reiterate from this platform, the need to change and improve the life styles like healthy eating habit, exercising and giving up tobacco to prevent the spread of cancer. Awareness and early detection can help fight cancer.” Smt Gursharan Kaur, wife of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Chief Guest for the Walk For Life.

2. “CanSupport is synonymous to hope for people suffering from cancer. I personally feel like someone like Yuvraj Singh must come for the Walk because he fought the battle against cancer and won it too.” Navjot Singh Sidhu, MP

3. “It is wonderful to be a part of this noble venture.” Mrs Elizabeth Antony, wife of Defense Minister A K Antony.

4. “With the growing rate of cancer cases in Delhi and all over the country, an initiative like Walk For Life by CanSupport will help to make people aware about cancer. With so many people gathering for the Walk, it means that Delhi cares and shows solidarity for the ones who need.” Smt Sheila Dixit, Chief Minister, Delhi.

5. “There is hope even with cancer and cancer survivors can have a productive life. The Govt and the society must come together for them and with this clarion call we have gathered for this Walk organized by CanSupport today.” Smt Brinda Karat, CPI-M Polit Bureau Member.

6. Dear Harmala,
“It was so exciting to receive your message with details of CanSupport's Sixth Walk For Life! I had been walking with all of you in my heart and mind. To hear of it’s continued success is thrilling. Even it seems the weather cooperated. Meanwhile, please take a moment for yourself for an incredibly important job well done! Your leadership and hard work is greatly appreciated. Especially in light of your extremely difficult year. You are an inspiration!” Jeannie Mulford, Jeannie Mulford, wife of the US Ambassador.

7. “I am for the first time participating in this Walk. It’s an overwhelming feeling that I am not the only one who suffered loss of a near one due to cancer. I am not the only one praying that disease must never snatch away lives. Now I see thousands walking with the same thought and hope.” Arindam Bose, working with Dart Energy

8. “I regularly visit the Day Care with my mother. She is suffering from cancer and of late she is extremely unwell. My mother though she wanted to come for the Walk she couldn’t due to her failing health. But when I see thousands and thousands of people walking for the cause I feel all are with me. I feel that there is hope even with cancer.” Khushi, 12 years, Bihar (staying at the Dharamshala).

9. “I stood speechless when I saw so many motivating messages written on the Wall of Honour. Even when I put my message on the Tribute Tree I was overwhelmed to read the thoughts of others too. We are such a big force to raise a big fight against cancer and spread awareness; I realized this, on this platform. Life has a new meaning for me now.” J P Jaiswal, retired Marine Engineer.

10. “Cancer is a closed chapter in my 18 years of life. I defeated it 5 years ago. I came here and walking tall with all to show CANCER IS NOT INVINCIBLE, I AM THE PROOF. I regularly visit the CanSupport Day Care and every year I come for the Walk too. Every year I see more cancer survivors and I feel proud. But I want the society to give us the opportunity to complete education and set ourselves in a normal life after cancer because a battle with cancer engulfs lot of time too. Please respect our fight.” Shubham, 18 years.

11. "As someone closely associated with the Walk from the day it was visualised, and being a cancer survivor too, I feel that much more obligated to participate in the Walk each year to convey the message of hope to those currently going through their cancer journey, to tell them that there is life after cancer and how we must value every moment." Rajni Bhagat Arora, a volunteer with CanSupport

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