A Young Poet and Cancer Fighter


Aftab, who is survived by his father, mother, two sisters and a brother, was an 18-year-old boy from Bihar who had a dream of supporting his father and taking care of his young siblings. However, it seems that destiny desired something else for him. Aftab was a good student, he used to love reading books and writing poems. At first, everything seemed normal until he began to develop a pain in his wrist. This pain persisted for three years along with abnormal growths on his arms, which was later diagnosed as cancer. Unfortunately, due to bad guidance and late diagnosis it led to a form of cancer that was not treatable. Yet, Aftab still needed to go to the hospital for his follow-ups to ensure symptom management and to slow the growth of the cancer. Aftab along with his father moved to Delhi for his treatment and despite their unstable financial condition, his father managed to take care of him by running a small juice shop.

Aftab was in his last stage when the doctor confirmed he had cancer and that his condition was deteriorating. The doctors had suggested to his father to take care of him at home.

That is when CanSupport received his reference though its helpline. When CanSupport’s team visited Aftab for the first time, he was in a very poor condition. He was suffering from pain in the bones, constipation, vomiting, improper urine, fevers, and gaping wounds due to bed sores. Our team helped him by nursing his wounds and tried to manage his pain through doses of morphine. Our nurse also taught his father and mother how to dress his wounds during their absence, while the doctor prescribed him medicines that would relieve him from symptoms such as pain, fever and constipation, etc.

Aftab feared returning home to Bihar because of his condition. Our counselor helped Aftab overcome his fear and to eventually accept his condition. The team also helped his father receive financial help to take Aftab back to Bihar so that he could be with his sisters and the rest of his family.

Aftab spent a few days at his house and died in peace. We remember Aftab as a boy with a hopeful smile and heart of a poet.

Story By:
Renu Rajput, Counselor