Cancer awareness session in Laxmi Fab Dye Printing


CanSupport in association with Pfizer have started a new campaign to increase awareness about cancer in workplaces and organizations.

As a part of this campaign an awareness session was organized for the staff of Laxmi Fab Dye Printing (P) Ltd, manufacturer of wearing apparel, dressing and dyeing of fur, in Greater Noida on 13 September, 2019.

The session was aimed to raise awareness about the major causes of cancer such as smoking, alcohol intake, tobacco consumption, lack of exercise, and a sedentary lifestyle, etc.

CanSupport’s Savita Luka, deputy head, training & education, conducted the session on cancer awareness. she emphasized that according to research, breast and ovarian cancer are on the rise in women, while mouth, lung and blood cancer continues to increase in men.

Around 145 employees from the organization attended this session. We are grateful to Vipin Sharma, HR Manager for supporting us in organizing the session.