Cancer Story of the Girl Who Sings


If barbie dolls did exist in real life, Kamlesh would be one of them. She had been waiting at the day care half an hour prior to the scheduled time with her mother beside her. Noticing everyone who entered and moved around, Kamlesh and her mother sat in a corner waiting for the session to start.

14-year-old Kamlesh comes from Punjab and was diagnosed with kidney cancer one year ago. Being the youngest of three sisters and two brothers, Kamlesh is adored and pampered by her parents. Along with her whole family, Kamlesh had to move to Delhi for her treatment.

Kamlesh’s parents have continued doing the job they used to do back in their hometown- her father works as a daily wage labour, doing any small work he can get his hands on and her mother works as a maid. Her sisters have bought a sewing machine and are contributing to the family.

When asked about her favourite hobby, Kamlesh answered that she likes to sing. She sings in Punjabi, which was also her favourite subject in school. She isn’t a normal teenager. Way too sensible for her age, Kamlesh takes care of her mother and ensures that she doesn’t get too tensed about Kamlesh’s illness. She has learnt to forget her pain to make her mother happy.

When they heard of CanSupport, they immediately decided to pay a visit. It was only their first visit, but Kamlesh could be seen opening up, smiling and talking. Her mother talked to a few volunteers and staff who helped her share her problems and concern, giving her support to fight everything that came her way. With eyes twinkling with hope, Kamlesh and her mother left to come back again next Wednesday.