Cansupport At IAPCON Kochi 2019


A team of 9 members from CanSupport participated in the 26th International Conference of Indian Association of Palliative Care held from 8 February to 10 February 2019. The theme of the conference was “Voices in palliative care; ensuring quality, creating solutions.” This international conference provides the palliative care workers across the globe to meet on a common platform to network and exchange knowledge and experiences of patient care. Delegates from more than 70 countries and from across India participated at the conference. Harmala Gupta, Founder- President was invited to share her expert views on “Setting up a palliative care unit”.

Dr. Reena Sharma, Head of Palliative Care Field Services gave her presentations on "Voices from Delhi Slums" and " Prevalence of pain due to non-adherence to oral morphine and reasons for the same in adult patients with advanced cancer”.

Savita Luka, Chief Nurse Trainer spoke on "Nursing issues and challenges in Dementia patients” in a case based discussion.

Sindhu Raj, Senior Nurse presented her research on “Impact of palliative home care on quality of life of head and neck cancer patients”.

Dr. Ravinder Mohan, Head of Training and Education did a poster presentation on “Symptoms burden in cancer patients during last week of life in home based care”. He also did a presentation on "American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) Guidelines for palliative care in resource restricted settings”.

Pallika, Senior Counselor presented a poster on “Conjugal intimacy and role of palliative care counselling”.

Bina Akhtar, Chief Counselor Trainer presented a poster on “Stress in informal women caregivers of cancer patients under home based supportive care”.

Kamlesh, Senior Executive, Helpline presented a poster on “Assessment of information and emotional need of callers using a palliative care helpline”.