CanSupport pays tribute to Sunita Kapur


Sunita Kapur was a visionary, a lady of true culture and a fierce friend of CanSupport. She served on CanSupport’s Managing Committee since 2016 and her presence did our cause much honour. She was deeply passionate about CanSupport’s Mission and was totally focused on its delivering services of the highest quality. We shall always remain grateful for her valuable advice and wise counsel.

All of us at CanSupport are deeply grieved to learn that Sunita is no more. It will take some time for the fact to sink in that we shall not be seeing her at our MC or Event Meetings any longer. She was such a vibrant presence whenever she came and we always relied on her wisdom and good sense to guide us.

It was a privilege for our home care team to be a part of her care. She bore her tribulations lightly and with such grace and calm. It is to her credit that she chose to live with the knowledge of her illness with fortitude and dignity. She has certainly inspired the team, and we shall always remember her as a true braveheart.

We pay our homage to the departed soul and extend our heartfelt condolences to her family. We hope and pray that they find comfort in the wonderful memories that she leaves behind and from the goodwill that exists among her many devoted friends.