Leaving on a Peaceful Note


Gurwinder (Name changed), a 65 year old gentleman was suffering from Cancer with lung metastasis. He had two daughters and a son of which one of the daughters was married. When the team visited him on the first day, he was unable to talk as he was in severe pain. His wife was unable to help him as she did not know what to do to bring him out of the situation.

Upon review, our Doctor gave her the painkiller which provided him the relief he needed. The Doctor explained his wife the dosage of medicines which was very helpful. Gurwinder was unable to talk and used a pen and diary to communicate. He used to ask his wife to cook for him as per the message on the paper and his wife was happy to fulfill what he wanted.

As the days passed by, our teams used to visit the family on regular basis monitoring Gurwinder’s health and counseling his family. Gurwinder’s health was becoming weak and despite his condition he seemed at peace.

He knew that his condition will not improve and he will not recover from his illness. He called his son, daughters and wife and explained all the financial details to them. Our counselor counseled the family to spend the most time with him. Few days later, his wife informed the team that he is not responding well and she feels that the time has come. The team counseled her and asked her to accept that this is the harsh reality of life.

Gurwinder passed away the same day but his end was peaceful and the family was satisfied that he did not suffer towards the end.