Lockdown Stories: A Ray of Hope


Reshma Devi, a 35 years old lady was detected with breast cancer in the year 2019. She came to know about her illness when she spotted a knot in her left breast and went to see the local doctor. The doctor found that her condition was serious and recommended her to the district hospital where she was told that she has breast cancer. The patient was advised to move to Delhi for better treatment.

Reshma and her husband came to Delhi from Jaunpur (UP) and were staying at their relative's place in the beginning. Her husband used to work as a construction worker and had to leave his job to take care of her completely. After few weeks of staying at the relative’s place, they took a small room near AIIMS, Delhi so that Reshma could visit the hospital easily. However, as the treatment went along the financial condition of the family began to deplete. Another thing that was bothering both of them was the concern about their children who were at their home in Jaunpur. The children were studying and were being taken care of by Reshma’s mother in law.

While visiting the hospital for treatment, they got to know about CanSupport and their services. Reshma’s husband contacted CanSupport and shared their problem.

To start with, the CanSupport Helpline counselor referred Reshma’s case to CanSupport's team that comprise of a doctor, nurse and counselor who went to meet Reshma to have a better understanding of what they were going through. On their first visit, the team found that Reshma had a swelling in her right hand and a wound which made it difficult for her to sleep at night. The couple also expressed their grief about missing their children.

CanSupport's doctor reviewed her reports and took note of her pain and prescribed her appropriate medicines to give her relief. Reshma had developed a wound in her breast that needed proper dressing. The nurse did the dressing and suggested that they ensure proper hygiene while dressing the breast wound. The nurse told her about the proper diet that she needed to take.

While the dressing was going on, the counselor talked with her husband and listened to everything that bothered them especially the concern about their children and the financial crisis.

After a few days, the pandemic broke out. The lockdown worsened their situation further. Reshma’s husband called CanSupport and shared their problems. Reshma was undergoing chemotherapy and due to the lockdown, they were not sure if further treatment could be possible. Reshma and her husband felt very helpless about their situation.

The team counselor spoke with them over the phone and listened to their concern. To address their concern regarding continuation of their treatment the counselor contacted the hospital and confirmed if the treatment was possible and assured them that the treatment will continue. Since because of lockdown the mobility was restricted the team helped them to arrange necessary papers so that they can reach the hospital without any problem. The counselor also educated them about how to take proper precaution against Covid-19 and also arranged a team car to provide them PPE. After one-week Reshma’s husband called to say that the treatment was going fine and also, that they were in contact with their children, and felt much relieved.

After a few days when the team visited Reshma and her husband, they got to know that they were facing difficulty in buying ration and medicines. The Homecare team with the help of the resource mobilization team arranged one-month ration support and medicine for them.

Reshma and her husband expressed their utmost gratitude to CanSupport. They shared how worried they were when the lockdown was imposed and thought that the team would not be able to reach them. They felt apprehensive about who will come forward to listen to their problems and assist them. They were really thankful that despite the lockdown CanSupport's team was always ready to help them and support them.

(Picture in display is representation of CanSupport Home care Services)

They are many people like Reshma who need palliative care but they don’t know where to go. While CanSupport is doing its best the reach out to people informing them about their services, we request you to spread the word. Share our Helpline Number 011-41010539 with to all the needy people. Though all CanSupport services are free of charge for patients, the cost of reaching out to patients and caring for them cost Rs. 1300/- per visit per patient.

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Patient names have been changed to protect their identity.