Spiritual Care at CanSupport


Article by: FST Team We all know that psychosocial and spiritual/religious distress has always existed but there has been a path plastic? effect of pandemic on these problems. During Covid-19 all religious places such as … Read More

Lockdown Stories: Story of Poonam Devi


Story by Mausumi Dey Bhansali Poonam Devi was a 51 years old female diagnosed with ovary cancer. She lived in Meerut where her husband had a small grocery shop but later it was shut down … Read More

Lockdown Stories: Story of Ramdin


After a long, grueling winter in Delhi, Ramdin is hopeful again, a hope buoyed by the seasonal change with more sunshine and pleasant weather. It is the first week of March in Delhi and 35 … Read More

Lock Down Stories: Story of Ritu


This is the story of Ritu, a brave cancer warrior who fought bravely till her last breath. Ritu was detected with cancer in October 2019. Unfortunately, when cancer was detected she was already in fourth … Read More

Lockdown Stories: A Ray of Hope


Reshma Devi, a 35 years old lady was detected with breast cancer in the year 2019. She came to know about her illness when she spotted a knot in her left breast and went to … Read More

COVID-19 in the time of NCDs


Article by Harmala Gupta, Founder President, CanSupport “Worldwide data show that annually 15 million people die from a NCD between the ages of 30 years and 69 years.” It is an irony, that it has … Read More

Global Webinar on Palliative Care and COVID-19


On behalf of WHPCA, ICPCN, IAHPC and PALCHASE, we invite you to join this week’s Global Palliative Care Series webinar: How People with Pre-Existing Palliative Care Needs are Affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic on Thursday … Read More

Lockdown Stories: Story of Kosiya


Koshiya is from Rampur, an eighteen-year-old girl suffering from CA breast that has spread to the bones. Her family isn’t economically very strong. Her father works hard to make two ends meet and get his … Read More

Cancer in the Time of Covid-19


Article by CanSupport Founder and President, Harmala Gupta. The initial reaction of cancer specialists, or oncologists, worldwide to the pandemic as well as the subsequent course corrections, once patient numbers began to fall, have been … Read More