Soul Fest Delhi


Soul Fest is a unique event organized by CanSupport that makes efforts to reach out to cancer patients and their families to give them the opportunity to live their lives with dignity, hope and comfort. Read More

What is Death Anxiety?


Death anxiety is a common fear many people who are terminally ill experience. This can create many troubles for patients and their families as patients often become more aggressive. Read More

The Woman Who Refused Modern Medication


Sumitra, aged 58, is a loving mother of 4 children, many grandchildren and even a great grandchild. She has devoted her life to caring for her family, putting them before herself and her own needs. Read More

The Heart Shaped Mango


When I was told I would be going with the doctor and nurse to do homecare visits, I was both apprehensive and excited. I was not sure what to expect but I was interested to see what the day would bring. Read More

Palliative Care Respects Your Decisions


It can often be difficult and confusing to know what to do after a diagnosis. Palliative care is about helping you cope with everyday challenges and giving you and your family advice on tough decisions. Read More