NQOCN organizes two day Quality Improvement Workshop


A two-day quality improvement workshop for Doctors, Nurses and Counsellors was conducted by Nationwide Quality of Care Network on 26-27 August, 2019 at CanSupport head office.

The workshop was conducted by Dr. Vikram Datta from Kalawati Saran Children’s Hospital; Sr. Jeena Pradeep from Kalawati Saran Children’s Hospital; Dr. Harish Pemde from Kalawati Saran Children’s Hospital; Dr. Sushil, Associated Professor in Pediatrics from UCMS and Dr. Mahtab Singh.

The aim of the workshop was to introduce latest tools and techniques to improve quality and how to use these tools. The participants were divided into four groups and were asked to choose their respective topics on palliative care for identifying and improving quality.

The elected topics for quality improvement were as follows:

  • Bed sores
  • Quality of care
  • Maintaining good records
  • Accurate maintenance of morphine records in south zone.

Going forth, each team will be presenting their findings in the review meeting which will be organized after eight weeks.