Power of Positivity in Fighting Cancer


When you fight something with all your will, there’s no power in the world that can make you weak. Diagnosis of cancer can make one react in many ways, but that is also the time when one can act in the strongest possible way.

Climbing up that one floor through the welding work can prove to be difficult when you’ve undergone an operation recently. As we entered, Kuljeet welcomed us and told us to think of her home as our own. She had already undergone her fair share of ups and downs in her life. She had recovered from a difficult divorce and managed to move on and get remarried. She was finally happy with her husband, who loved her and took care of her.

But just when things seemed to have started getting better, she was faced by another hurdle. Kuljeet got diagnosed with ovarian cancer when she was in for a normal check-up. This hurdle proved to be greater than any of her previous ones. Meanwhile, one of her sons started to experience problems in his marriage. Having experienced something similar herself Kuljeet was worried; she wanted her son and his family to recover from the rough patch. She was torn between the hurdles being thrown one after another at her, without any warning. She was confused, how was she going to be a good mother and wife while fighting the hardest battle of her life. Specially when she didn’t know anything about her illness or its treatment.

After getting CanSupport’s contact from an acquaintance, Kuljeet and her husband called us. When we met Kuljeet for the first time in the November of 2017, she was worried about how to deal with her illness after getting diagnosed with it, post an operation. We assured her that since she was lucky enough to get diagnosed early she had a strong fighting chance.

Kuljeet was already an optimistic individual, the reason for her smile whilst greeting us. The CanSupport team tried their level best to provide the hope that Kuljeet needed and they succeeded. This time when we visited Kuljeet, she was cheerful and was explaining to us the progress she had made. She wasn’t just hopeful, infact she was sure that she would move past this hurdle. The way she fought her cancer helped her grow as a person and made her a stronger and more stable person. She has been dealing with all aspects of her treatment well, and is in good health now. Infact, she recently told our team that she has joined yoga classes in order to interact with new people and move forward on a positive note.