Running To Fight Cancer – November 5, 2017


Ms Melba Pria
They say that if you want to win medals you should run 100 meters, but if you want to feel beyond the glory, you ought to run a marathon. This year, I will run the New York Marathon in aid of India based NGO, CanSupportMs. Melba Pria
   Mexican Ambassador to India

The finish line of a marathon is reached using the body, but above all, by using the mind. Extraordinary willpower is required to continue when the mind wants to convince us that the body is not able to go any further. Fighting a disease like cancer is the highest example of exerting control over the mind. For me, cancer patients are warriors, staying strong in the face of a hard, dark and unknown path.

That is why running for the cause of cancer patients makes it more significant for me and the money raised will help support palliative care for them and their loved ones, to help them endure the overwhelming physical and psychological stress caused by the relentless battle against this disease.

Every penny raised for this marathon will be donated to CanSupport Foundation, an India-based NGO that specializes in palliative care. Their 28 multidisciplinary teams (formed by doctors, nurses and counsellors) and 2 daycare centers cater to the needs of patients and their families, at clinics or in their own homes, to provide relief from the physical and psychological symptoms to help them make this process more manageable and meaningful.

This effort also goes to Tomás, my brother, and his support team in Mexico in the fight against Stage-4 cancer and the loving and careful administration of palliative care.

Your participation counts for the many warriors that do not have the means and need our help.

Please help me run for this cause by donating.

– Melba Pria


Indian/Non-US Taxpayers

Tax deduction for Indian taxpayers under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act.

US Taxpayers

Tax deduction available for American taxpayers under 501(c)3 by donating through Silicon Valley Community Foundation.