Son of a Breast Cancer Patient


Support for a Son

Every week Aastik meets the CanSupport team at the street food stall near his home. They buy samosas and chai and Aastik speaks to them about what has happened the previous week with his mother. He discusses her symptoms, how she is coping with the treatment physically and mentally, as well as any other issues she has been having.

The CanSupport team also ask about how Aastik is, how he is managing and what his worries and troubles are. Aastik’s mother Rajesh Mary was diagnosed with breast cancer just less than a year ago. She has four children; Aastik is the youngest of the four and lives with his mother. While the other three live close and help out when they can, they all have families of their own. Aastik has become Rajesh Mary’s main caregiver. He works in the private sector to support himself and his mother.

Support for a Mother

After finishing their samosas, they walk to the house where Rajesh Mary is waiting for them. Over the last few months, Rajesh Mary has become increasingly weaker. She struggles to sit for the entire visit and has to lie down, it is obvious that talking and holding a conversation is a lot of effort for her. Aastik’s elder sister is also at the house to meet the team.

They speak about Rajesh Mary’s symptoms, the pain she has been feeling this week and how she is doing, emotionally and psychosocially. The team provide her and the family support and advice for the worries the family had this week.

Rajesh Mary’s husband died a few years ago. While she is talking about fond memories of husband, Aastik finds a drawing his friend drew of his father to preserve his memory. Aastik recounts how his friend has since died of cancer and that has made it much harder for him to be able to cope with his mother diagnosis.

Rajesh Mary is a devoted Christian, both her and her family believe strongly that God will look after them all. Their faith along with the support of CanSupport has helped them persevere through this time. Knowing that someone is there to help them and guide them along this chapter of their lives gives them comfort and courage.

Support for a Family

While they know the worst may not be over, the family has a much more positive approach to life since CanSupport have started doing home visits weekly. Aastik and Rajesh Mary both look forward to the visits each week. The help and support offered to them has transformed their outlook on the situation and they feel much more prepared to tackle the issues they may face, alongside the help of the CanSupport team. Knowing they are not alone in this battle has given them the comfort they need to fight cancer both physically and mentally.