Story of a Breast Cancer Survivor


Neerwati was diagnosed with breast cancer two years ago. She was terrified, she felt like life as she knew it was over, she did not know what to do or where to get help from. Her family was supportive and comforted her through the entire process. They were strong for her but inside they too were struggling with the recent diagnosis.

CanSupport’s Impact

A couple of months into her chemotherapy treatment, Neerwati was weak physically and emotionally. She could see her family struggling to cope with the situation and they were all exhausted. One day at the hospital, she heard about the services CanSupport could provide her and her family. She called them, and the team started weekly homecare visits to her house. The team provided the patient and the family with counseling and advice they needed. CanSupport provided medication to help ease Neerwati’s pain. The team built strong relationships with the family and overtime became an integral part of the family’s weekly routine.

Once Neerwati had completed the course of her chemotherapy she underwent surgery for a single mastectomy. The CanSupport team was vital in preparing Neerwati mentally and physically for the surgery and in advising what she could expect in the aftermath of the operation. They also comforted her husband and children in their worries regarding the effects the surgery could have.

Life Without Cancer

The surgery was a success and Neerwati has been cancer free for one year now. In the early days after her surgery the team visited regularly to check on Neerwati’s recovery and provided advice for her and the family on how to aid the recovery process.

She still receives regular visits from CanSupport to make sure she is feeling well and to provide any other support she may need. A few months ago, the team discovered she had high blood pressure. Rather than giving her more medication they advised a simple change in diet which addressed the problem.

Neerwati says she is indebted to the help that CanSupport has provided for her and her family since her diagnosis. She says she will never be able to repay the debt but making chai for the team when they arrive is a small way to show her appreciation.

After Cancer

CanSupport maintains the relationship with their patients even after they have been declared cancer free. They are there to provide advice, support, counselling and any other issues the family may face. CanSupport provide wholesome care for their patients and this means care not just during cancer but also after that.