Support our Amritsar Team


CanSupport launched its first outstation team in Amritsar, Punjab on November 13, 2017. Since then they have brought relief to more than 200 patients and 550 caregivers by doing more than 1400 home visits.

CanSupport team that comprises a doctor, a nurse and a counsellor, enables people with advanced cancer along with their families to make informed decisions and to receive appropriate physical, emotional, social and spiritual support.

Most of the patients that we serve are from the marginalised backgrounds and do not have means to take care of their patients.

All services provided by CanSupport team are free of charge. Patients who need our services can call our Amritsar helpline at 95018 87956.

To continue our work, we are entirely dependent on the support of our donors and supporters.

Any amount donated by you will be utilised to execute on-ground home care projects to take care of people with cancer.

While we appreciate one-time donations, monthly donations help us to plan our programmes better and sustain them for a longer duration.

Please click the link to support our Amritsar center: