The Storydancer Project by Zuleikha


This year Zuleikha brought the work of The Storydancer Project (TSP)* into many programs of CanSupport. The simple and effective self-care exercises elicited feelings of enthusiasm and joy, giving moments of uplifting relief to patients in difficult life situations.

Zuleikha helped patients to relax and take time to remember the gratitude of life. Through the partnership of CanSupport and TSP, Zuleikha led these movements in big outpatient groups in the Outpatient Clinic in Dilshad Garden area, as well as for children and adult Daycare programs in the main office. The ongoing trainings for counselors in the Home Care Teams are bringing TSP's relaxation and social-emotional support into the homes of hundreds of palliative cancer patients year-round.

Both administrative staff and home care team sessions enjoyed the three R's of TSP self-care: "re-set, relieve, and refresh." It is an honor for The Storydancer Project to be in partnership with CanSupport.

*The Storydancer Project (TSP) aims to revitalize women, girls and families in marginalized communities through innovative self-care exercises and movement awareness practices. International performer and educator Zuleikha is the founder/director of The Storydancer Project. Led by Zuleikha's enlivening approach, TSP inspires affirmative and social change for individuals and communities internationally. TSP and CanSupport have been in partnership for many years. With the support of CanSupport CEO Dr. Ambika Rajvanshi, Zuleikha created and instituted the RTHEP© (Relaxation Therapeutic Health Exercise Program) and has been training counselors in CanSupport's Home Care Teams to bring this stress relief relaxation work to palliative care cancer patients and their families throughout Delhi.