To bring palliative and end-of-life care education to medical, nursing and paramedical professionals, empowering them to integrate its principles and practices into their field of work.


  • Doctors (especially those engaged in onco-care & anesthesia departments)
  • Nurses (especially in onco-care)
  • Psychologists
  • Social Workers
  • Paramedical workers


The workshops will be held in healthcare institutions at Delhi/NCR.


One day (4-6 hours)


CMEs are held on request throughout the year.


Rs 100 per participant (minimum 30 participants).

Workshop Topics

  • Scope and Principles of Palliative Care and Concept of Quality of Life
  • WHO Pain Ladder and Guidelines for use of oral morphine to manage pain
  • High-touch and Low-tech Nursing Care with care-giver education
  • Communication (authentic listening and dealing with difficult questions)
  • Communicating Bad News
  • Psychological aspects of serious life limiting illness
  • Ethical issues in the care of patients with progressive and serious illness


Dr Ravinder Mohan
Head – Training & Research
Email: ravindermohan@cansupport.org
Tel: +91-9818215821

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