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Leaders in Palliative Care

CanSupport runs India's largest free home-based palliative care programme. At any given time, our palliative care teams are caring for 2600 cancer patients and their families. We also run out-patient clinics, day care centers and training programmes.

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Better Life Irrespective of Outcome

Palliative care is a branch of medicine focused on fighting pain, distress and suffering. It is a critical component of healthcare that relieves the suffering of patients and their families while respecting their dignity and right to make informed choices.

Whether or not the patient beats cancer, palliative care is imperative from as early a stage as possible.CanSupport's Core Belief
Why Is Palliative Care Critical?

CanSupport Tales

Stories of fear, bravery, suffering, relief, pain, defiance, dignity, loneliness, friends, battle and ultimately triumph. No matter what the outcome.

Meet some of our bravehearts.

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Our Mission

CanSupport believes that pain relief and palliative care are an integral part of healthcare. Our goal to make it available all over India.

In 2017, the World Health Organization (WHO) honoured us with their Public Health Champion award for sustainable contribution to public health.

Since 2012, we have been accredited by the Credibility Alliance under desirable norms. This accreditation ensures credibility, transparency and accountability among stakeholders.

Latest News

The latest happenings in the world of palliative care and updates on developments at CanSupport.

Also meet some of our dear friends.

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Did You Know?

If faced with a healthcare cost of ₹ 1 lac, 86% of Indian families would be pushed below the poverty line. Cancer care costs more than ₹ 1 lac.

CanSupport's free palliative care services not only fight pain, they fight poverty as well.

Join us in the fight against pain, distress and poverty.

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Donations from friends like you ensure that we continue to provide our vital patient and family care services free of charge.

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Cancer awareness booklets, articles from CanSupport staff, volunteers, reputed journals and various other sources. Useful resources for healthcare professionals as well as patients or caregivers.

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Our Inspiration

"Thank you for the warm and friendly advice. I am already feeling less afraid and more hopeful of tomorrow’s possibilities."

- CanSupport Peer Support Recipient

"I congratulate the CanSupport team and their supporters for all they have accomplished and wish them the very best for the future."

- Ex-Vice President Shri Hamid Ansari

"A friend brought me to Cansupport's walkathon and I decided to volunteer to help out. Six years later, I am still here."

- Regular CanSupport Volunteer

"We help patients and families make informed choices and focus on total pain management. We have zero tolerance to pain."

- Dr. Reena Sharma, Head, Home Care services
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Cansupport services are free

Our service is aimed at the less privileged, so we can help fill a critical gap in the care of cancer patients, especially those who are poor or destitute.

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