CanSupport’s Day Care facilities provide community support through volunteers to patients and their caregivers who come to Delhi for treatment.

Day Care for Children

Children undergoing cancer treatment as well as their parents and siblings can visit our Day Care centre every Monday. Volunteers pick them up from Institute Rotary Cancer Hospital (IRCH) at AIIMS and Safdarjung Hospitals, and they spend a day filled with positive, life affirming activities such as art, craft, dance, storytelling and music. Meanwhile, their parents/caregivers get a chance to meet counsellors and fellow caregivers in the supportive environment of the Day Care centre.

A Nutritional support program offers children a daily breakfast and nutritional supplements. Children and adults alike enjoy a delicious lunch before they return to the hospital for their appointments. Festivals and special occasions are also celebrated throughout the year in the Day Care with great verve and gusto. A library and a non-formal education program keeps children in touch with studies while they are away from their homes.

I spent more time in hospitals than playing with my friends in the park. I could list names of cancer drugs more easily than the names of my friends. When I laughed, it made my mother cry. All this changed when I started coming to the Day Care. I feel myself returning to my normal self and living every day…and my mother is at peace with my illness.Teenage Patient

Daycare for Adults

Fridays are reserved for the Adult Day Care. Volunteers pick up patients and their caregivers from the dharamshalas outside AIIMS and Safdarjung hospitals and bring them to the Day Care for an enjoyable interlude in between treatments.

Patients are offered alternative healing practices such as yoga, meditation, visualization and music therapy. Volunteers are always ready to lend a supportive ear to hear their stories, share their pain and joy, talk and laugh with them. After a nutritious home cooked meal they go back feeling relaxed and cared for, having spent a pleasant day out at the Day Care.

Day Care for Teenagers

To cater specifically to the needs of teenager cancer patients, a separate Day Care has started on Wednesdays at Safdarjung Enclave Centre. The needs of young and adolescent cancer patients are unique and age appropriate care is needed to address them.

Day Care Centre

A-2 Gulmohar Park
Opp Kamla Nehru College
New Delhi 110049

Day Care Timings

10:30 – 12:30
Mondays – Children under 14
Wednesdays – Young adults under 21
Fridays – Adults

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