Cancer is not only traumatic, it can also be very isolating. Not being able to share one’s pain and anguish with one’s family in order not to upset them further, adds to the enormous suffering and stress of the disease.

Research shows that peer support, especially from cancer survivors, is highly therapeutic, and people are better able to deal with their illness and treatment when supported by others who have walked this road themselves.

CanSupport provides this valuable support in two ways – through facilitators and other survivors over the phone or in Peer Support Group Sessions organised on request. Here, patients can share their personal experiences, pain, fears, anxieties and stress resulting from the cancer without any inhibition with other survivors in a confidential and non-judgmental setting. It is our effort to help them cope with their emotional and spiritual issues by understanding their own condition better.

We also provide peer support to caregivers and family members coping with the intense and multiple responsibilities of care giving.

To avail of this facility, please call our helpline:

Helpline: +91 11 41010539