To sensitize medical and nursing students and clinical interns to the need and impact of palliation on the quality of life right from their ‘learning days’.


Medical and nursing curricula do not carry information on palliative care. Physicians and nurses have therefore not been sufficiently trained to be competent or confident in it. This may explain why they often report feeling overwhelmed by needs that they are not equipped to meet due to lack of training in the areas of breaking bad news, assessing prognosis, controlling symptoms, using opioids for pain management or helping patients with difficult decisions.

It is essential that these students, regardless of future specialty, understand the need and impact of palliation on the quality of life of patients with a life-limiting illness right from their ‘learning days’.


  • Medical students (final year)/Medical interns
  • Final Year students pursuing Diploma in Nursing
  • All students pursuing BSc & MSc Nursing / Nursing interns


The workshops will be held at medical/ nursing colleges in Delhi/NCR.


One day (4-6 hours)


CMEs are held on request throughout the year.


Rs 100 per participant (minimum 40 participants).


Dr Ravinder Mohan
Head – Training & Research
Email: ravindermohan@cansupport.org
Tel: +91-9818215821

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