Since 2001, CanSupport has organized an Annual Foundation Course in Palliative Care in collaboration with the Institute Rotary Cancer Hospital at AIIMS for doctors, nurses, counsellors and other interested individuals.

Course Objectives

  • To introduce the principles of palliative care to nurse tutors and practitioners
  • To equip participants with knowledge and skills to manage symptoms and provide appropriate nursing care to patients under their care
  • To enable participants to improve their communication skills and handle difficult issues, such as breaking bad news and coping with loss and grief

Course Details

Yet to finalized for this year


Two full days


September, every year


About 14 CNE hours from Delhi Nursing Council


Rs 1000 per person (Includes CNE certificate, information material and meals)


The course covers a wide range of topics, including:

  • Scope and principles of palliative care
  • Role of multidisciplinary team in palliative care
  • Leading role of nurse in palliative care
  • Pain management and symptom control (including use of oral morphine in pain management)
  • Nursing needs and care in serious illnesses
  • Lymphedema management
  • Wound and bedsore management
  • Stoma care
  • Managing side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy
  • Breaking bad news
  • Communication skills
  • Final days and last hours of living
  • Psycho-oncology: depression, anxiety and delirium
  • Emotional and spiritual needs
  • Ethical issues
  • Professional self-care


Dr Ravinder Mohan
Head – Training & Research
Tel: +91-9818215821

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