CanSupport conducts Cancer Awareness Session at Rohit Bal Designs


CanSupport launched a wellness initiative for organizations and workplaces with the support of Pfizer, to make people aware about the growing concern around cancer and how we can take preventive measures against cancer and how to take care of cancer patients.

CanSupport organized an awareness session for the staff of Rohit Bal Designs Pvt. Ltd. on 26 February, 2020.

The session aimed at explaining the major causes of cancer such as smoking, alcohol intake, tobacco consumption, lack of exercise, and sedentary lifestyle that are prevalent among urban population.

CanSupport’s Dr. Apala conducted the session, she emphasized that according to research, breast and ovarian cancer are on the rise in women, while mouth, lung and blood cancer continue to increase among men. She explained how one can prevent and minimize the risk of cancer by proactively going for regular check-ups.

Around 275 staff attended this session.

CanSupport would like to thank Rohit Bal, Managing Director and Akhilesh Sharma, Chief Operating Officer for their support in organizing the session.