Global Webinar on Palliative Care and COVID-19


On behalf of WHPCA, ICPCN, IAHPC and PALCHASE, we invite you to join this week's Global Palliative Care Series webinar: How People with Pre-Existing Palliative Care Needs are Affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic on Thursday 28 May, 2020 at 5: 30 pm.

Distinguished panellists will include:


Dr Helena Davies, UK: Lived experience of palliative care; Trustee, WHPCA; Chair Nurturenature healing garden charity; retired consultant paediatrician.


Lucy Watts, MBE, UK: Patient advocate, disability activist and lived experienced leader.

Harmala Gupta, India: Founder-President, CanSupport. Harmala Gupta is a cancer survivor who founded CanSupport, in 1996 in New Delhi, India.

Sarah Gibson, Ireland: Sarah Gibson, mother and primary palliative carer of Martin Gibson (aged 9 years).


Kate Swaffer, Australia: Chair & CEO, Dementia Alliance International, and advocate with lived experience.

To keep the webinar secure, registration is required. You can register here

Spaces on the webinar are limited, but the recording and slides will be available after the session at:

The webinar is organised by: WHPCA, ICPCN, IAHPC and PALCHASE.