The Grandfather Who Fathered


How does one imagine their old age to be? Living peacefully in the comfort of their home and family, right? This isn’t the case for Ranjit Singh, grandfather of 3-year-old Ansh who is suffering from blood cancer.

The family hails from a village in Bihar. What changed their lives was Ansh’s diagnosis of blood cancer. The whole family was moved as their little one was going through so much and they were unable to do much about it. Low on finance, Ansh’s father could not figure out how to arrange funds for his treatment. After much contemplation and discussion, the grandparents took the responsibility of taking their grandson to Delhi for treatment. The mother and father decided to stay back and arrange money for their son’s treatment.

Arriving in Delhi on the 16th of December last year, the grandparents had no idea about this new city. They took Ansh to AIIMS and his treatment started thereafter. The money being sent by the son every week is not solving problems of the ‘Big city’. They stay in a cramped rented accommodation, situated a bit far from the hospital. They have to cough up Rs 2500 just for lodging purposes. Commuting on Delhi buses is a nightmare for the grandfather with little Ansh in tow. They have to fight each day to survive another day. He says that his wife could have managed to take Ansh everywhere while he could’ve taken up a small job but since it is an unsafe and big city, they are scared for each other.

Both the grandparents suffer from indigestion and gastric problems. Ansh’s grandmother has also developed a sore on her arm which itches a lot, but they can’t do much about it due to the unavailability of appointments at the hospital. Ansh’s symptoms like vomiting and fever have reduced considerably so the family is now hopeful. Three weeks ago, the family started coming to CanSupport’s day care and that has been a major source of hope and help for Ranjit Singh. Talking to all the volunteers, letting all his problems out and getting hope in return has been helping him cope. Ansh comes and plays with the other kids and seeing him happy makes the whole family happy. They’ve been struggling for three square meals a day and CanSupport has been extending support in every possible way . An optimistic person, Ranjit Singh aims to fight every problem and get his grandchild treated. All he needs is a little hand of support and he will be able to make it through everything.